Interested in working at Kamet Trading? Or just curious what we do all day? We welcome you into our world and gladly show you what we do all day.


Working at Kamet means being in contact with people around the world all day. By telephone, by e-mail and on business trips. Some start at 7.30 AM, others for example 9.30 AM, depending on the countries you are in contact with.You will always hear different languages around you: English, German, French, Spanish, Russian and many more: everyone at Kamet speaks at least two languages but some speak up to four!


Every day is different because of the many services we offer to our customers. This means that your day could start behind the desk where you receive a phonecall from a customer who needs 10 pieces of cable urgently, and you spend some hours in our warehouse helping the guys to cut and pack the cable. Or you spend the entire day calculating a large offer for a customer, or maybe you are travelling and visiting customers around Europe. Some of the many possibilities of a day with us.