A short introduction of the Kamet personnel

Kamet Trading currently employs dedicated professionals, working hard to ensure the best service for our customers every day. At Kamet we believe in building long term relationships, but let’s start with a short introduction.


 General ManagerHans Beekman, General Manager
Being a former CEO of Philips in different countries in the Middle East, Hans took over Kamet in 2005 and makes the company thrive. He runs Kamet with great passion, a good sense of humor and real care for his employees. Hans understands that running a lasting company is all about quality, service and understanding your customers.

Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together.


The sales team currently consists of nine people and is responsible for a great variety of tasks. Key activities include of course the purchase and sales of thermocomponents, but also relationship management and business development. At Kamet we try to be flexible, so we act upon what is asked from us. 

International Account ManagerNienke van de Biezen, International Account Manager
Enthusiasm and passion will never be in short supply with Nienke. She will help you out sooner than you can pick up the phone. Being fluent in German and English she is responsible for our customers in Germany, Poland and several other European countries. Nienke has a particular ear for languages, so feel free to teach her new words.

If there is a way, Nienke has already found it.


International Account ManagerTeun Heuvelink, International Account Manager
After living in South America for a while, Teun has acquired some serious latin charm and he is not afraid to use it. With his creative ways, he will make sure things go your way. Whatever it takes. 

If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door.


International Account ManagerJoep van den Brink, International Account Manager

After studying and working in China, Sri Lanka and Sweden for the past three years Joep finally set foot on solid ground and joined Kamet just before Christmas 2015. He speaks the international business language and loves a fast-paced work environment. Feel free to ask him the capital of any possible country in the world.

 Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. 

International Account ManagerDanielle van Dooren, International Account Manager
If she could, Danielle would personally deliver every order to your front door. Rest assured that Danielle will do everything in her power to help you out with anything you need. Fluent in Spanish, French and English she is responsible for our Italian and French customers, amongst many other European countries.

Danielle solves the problems of problem solvers. 

International Account ManagerCharlotte Pastoor, International Account Manager

After learning several languages and some fanatic sailing, this smart lady is now showing her skills on the Kamet work floor. ‘Bonjour’, ‘Buenos dias’; it doesn’t matter for her. In both countries they have good wine!

Succes is no accident.

Rick Schot, Business Development Manager

After spending a year in sunny Barcelona, Rick jumped full of energy into the heater business of Kamet. Being a quick learner, he is ready to help our heater customers with their needs. Besides having a laugh, Rick also manages to compete with Hans in Pingpong. It might still take while before his first win, but surely hard work pays off. Rick has an impressive knowledge of the heater market. His entrepreneurial skills will help him to be a great benefit to his customers.

If you can’t stand the heat, keep out of the kitchen.



Order processing team

Manager Operations & Key Account ManagerToine Fritschy, Manager Operations & Key Account Manager
After working in the sales team for several years, Toine is now responsible for the Kamet customers in the automotive industry. He is the main contact person between Okazaki and our automotive customers worldwide. Besides that, Toine also manages the operational staff at Kamet. Toine eats challenges for lunch, so feel free to offer.

If not by Toine, it can’t be done.

Logistics & warehouse managerGordon van der Leij, Logistics and Warehouse Manager
Planet Earth has no secrets for Gordon. He will organize the most complex shipments to any address you can imagine, all over the world. Nicknamed “Flash” Gordon for being so fast, your order will be shipped the same day as ordered when required.

Together with his team, Gordon will make sure your shipment will never be a worry.

If there’s an address, there’s a way.

Order processing & LogisticsAnne-Lize Boon, Order Processing & Logistics
Sharp as a knife, but always in for a laugh. She bites and she doesn’t let go. Anne-Lize is all about chasing orders and informing customers about the latest status of their orders. If you have a question about an order, don’t worry, it will be answered.

If it ain’t on time, it ain’t fine.

Order processing & LogisticsBrigid Slee, Order Processing & Logistics
After years of living in the Dubai desert, Brigid joined the Kamet ranks in 2014 and proved to be a very quick learning and reliable colleague. With her Irish roots she stands her ground, a delay better have a good reason…

A delivery date will do, thank you.

Natallia Ustsinovich, Order Processing & Logistics

Born and raised in Minsk, this linguistic talent is taking care of your orders from Kamet to your warehouse. Russian, Polish, Dutch, English and Ukrainian are the languages in which she will gladly help you with all your logistic needs. Natallia is well connected with most of our suppliers, so she has a good insight on the process of your thermo components. She can also help you find proper Russian electronic music, so feel free to ask.


Gerrit Huisman, Warehouse

Gert has declared himself the "captain of Kamet’s engine room", the warehouse. Things can get crazy busy in there and in the midst of all that you need a guy who keeps a cool head and gets the job done. We have that guy.

Can we fix it? Yes, we can!

WarehouseMike Moerings, Warehouse

A coil of cable can weigh up to 30 kgs. Mike doesn’t break a sweat. This powerhouse will lift and move anything. We are even thinking about selling our forklifts.

Signed, sealed, delivered.