Welding caps for a perfect closure of your MI cable

Our AerOcap welding caps are designed to make your life easier. They fit perfectly onto our AerOpak cable and help you close the cable quickly and easily.

The welding caps are available in many shapes and sizes, please see below for an overview of our standard types and the diameter MI cable they are made for.

MI cable diameter

Sheath Material

Ø1 Ø1,5 Ø2 Ø3 Ø4,5 Ø6 Ø8
Inconel 600 AWW-000 AWW-003 AWW-015 AWW-020 AWW-030 AWW-040 AWW-046
AISI 310 AWW-200 AWW-205 AWW-215 AWW-220 AWW-230 AWW-240 AWW-250
AISI 316 AWW-300 AWW-305 AWW-315 AWW-320 AWW-330 AWW-340 AWW-350
AISI 321 AWW-400 AWW-406 AWW-415 AWW-420 AWW-430 AWW-440 AWW-450
Pyrosil AWW-910 AWW-912 AWW-915 AWW-917 AWW-925 AWW-940 AWW-945


If you are looking for other materials or dimensions, please let us know, chances are we already have them in stock or we can offer them with an interesting lead times.