Terminal Blocks

Terminal blocks come in many different types, sizes & certifications. Luckily our manufacturer Limatherm has a lot to offer: from terminal blocks in all shapes and sizes, to gaskets and disks.


The dimension of the Terminal block depends on the connection head. Limatherm has 3 main types of heads:

  • Type A head with a normal distance between the screws of 46 or 40 mm
  • Type B head, always with a distance of 33 mm between the screws
  • Type M heads, which are much smaller, the distance between the screws can vary, common examples are: 19 mm, 20 mm & 14.2 mm.

These distances between the screws can also be found in the terminal blocks. Except for when the terminal blocks should be combined with mounting discs, then the distance will be approximately one mm larger.

You can easily match the terminal blocks with the connection heads that you need: the code for terminal blocks for a type A head, will start with an "A", the heads for a type B head with a "B" etc.


The standard material Limatherm uses to produce these terminal blocks is Steatite C220.
The standard material for the terminals is nickel-plated brass, the quantity can be indicated in the Limatherm product code.

Type of installation

 There are 2 ways of fixing the wires to the terminal blocks:

  • By screwing, the terminals on the terminal block will have screws for this purpose
  • By soldering, the wires will be soldered to the terminals

Fixed mounting or screws with springs?

Fixed mounting is used in most of the cases, but when the bottom "expands" because of the heat, one might consider to use spring mounting. The springs will ensure stabel pressure and give your sensor about 15mm to move if necessary.


Limatherm can also supply Terminal blocks with an ATEX certificate. These terminal blocks can be recognized by XE- before the product code.