Siccet, for thermocouple and extension cable

Siccet was founded in 1977 by the current owner Italo Dall’Armellina and employs 50 people. Siccet has numerous production lines; 9 extrusion lines, 4 tape machines and 110 TEX + armor lines. Siccet started producing thermocouple cable from the start and it is still their core business today.

Together with Kamet, Siccet aims to constantly improve the quality of their cable and offer personalized service to customers: "We think it is very important that our customers use the best possible cable for their application. If there is a better solution for a better price, we are glad to offer it to our customers."

Siccet invests a lot of time and money into new machinery to improve their production capacity. The same applies to new technologies in order to stay ahead of the game. Innovation, development and new solutions are key to Siccet’ s strategic market approach.  

Our partnership with Siccet is based on mutual development. We are able to offer Siccet customer specific information, giving them insights into the latest developments and requirements in production facilities and the possibility to adjust in time to these requirements. As a result, we as Kamet offers personalized and innovative solutions to our customers.

There is a weekly shipment of cable from Siccet to Kamet to ensure a reliable and constant cable flow that both Kamet and our customer can count on. Siccet is complying to the ISO 9001 regulations since 2004.