Thinfilm and wirewound RTD sensors

For precision measurement, often an RTD (Resistance Temperature Detector) is used. We can supply several types of RTDs including the most popular ones such as wire wound and thinfilms, but also PCBs.

Thinfilm Temperature Sensors

Heraeus Sensor Technology

Heraeus Sensor Technology produces high-quality thinfilms and PCBs. Heraeus supplies us a wide selection of Pt temperature sensors for different applications. The thinfilm sensors are available in a broad variety of tolerances, varying from class B up to 1/10 DIN. The other frequently used sensors are the non-wired surface-mounted devices (SMD). These sensors are often used for placement on circuit boards. Our Pt products from Heraeus are well-known for their high precision and long-term stability due to the chemically resistant high quality primary materials, high resistor values, and wide temperature ranges.

  • Sensor components for placement of circuit board, SMDs (surface-mounted devices)
  • Measuring temperatures: -50°C to 150°C
  • Resistor values: 100, 500, 1000, 10,000 ohm; others on request
  • Suitable for automated processing

We have a large range of these Thin Films in stock, please see our Thin film page for more information and the possibilities.

Wirewound RTDs

RTD Products

For even higher temperatures, RTD products is our main producer of ceramic wirewound RTDs. Wire wound RTDs are known for their wired temperature range and their high stability. Furthermore, when correctly housed, detectors from RTD are capable of withstanding vibration and accelerations of up to 40G. Detectors manufactured by RTD products produced in a comprehensive range of standard diameters and lengths. Nonstandard sizes are also available, as well as duplex variants.

Please see our Wirewound page for more information and the possibilities.