Okazaki, our manufacturer of MI Cable

Okazaki is our manufacturer of Thermocouple, RTD and heater cable. They have experience in producing MI cable since 1954 and have been fine-tuning and perfecting the process ever since. Okazaki works closely with its suppliers to guarantee the outcome as class 1 and better.

The head office of Okazaki is located in the city of Kobe in Japan but production takes place in one of the 6 different Okazaki factories. The factories are located in Akashi, Kobe-Iwaoka, Kobe-Nishi, Fukuoka and Kyusyu Japan and each of them has a different specialization such as heater cable and the automotive industry.

Okazaki can produce M.I. cable as small as 0.08 mm up to any size required. 

Kamet, our customers and Okazaki are constantly working together to improve the quality of the cable. At the moment, most of the wires are purchased from Isabellenhütte (in Germany) and the majority of the tubes come from Europe.

This way, Okazaki can provide high quality cable for a competitive price.

 Okazaki is ISO 9001 and 14001 certified amongst many other certificates.