Mineral Insulated Cable in all shapes and sizes

Mineral Insulated Thermocouple Cable is a basic ingredient for many temperature sensors.That's why we have a stock of 500+ KM MI cable in many types and sizes. And not just that: ASTM E230 Special Limits? Calibration according to AMS2750D/E? Cut into specific lengths? Straightened? High Purity MgO? Just let us know and we will gladly help.

Our standard AerOpak® mineral insulated thermocouple cable is made by Okazaki in Japan. They have over 60 years of experience in producing this type of cable in their different factories in Japan. All of our MI cables come with a 3.1 certificate and each coil is calibrated separately to ensure full traceability of the MI cable. Furthermore, all our MI cable is produced with at least 98% purity MgO. The standard MI cable is produced in class 1 or better. Therefore all of the thermocouple wires inside of the cable are made by high-quality wire producers such as Isabellenhütte. Okazaki, Kamet and the wire suppliers work closely together to continuously monitor and improve the EMF values. And we are now working towards our next goal: to supply all our MI cable in 1/2 class 1.

And we have more to offer: for most thermocouple cables we can supply an ASTM E230 Special Limits certificate upon request. And we have a stock of MI cable that is calibrated according to AMS2750D/E for the aerospace industry. 

Our MI cable specials include Heavy wall, special conductor dimensions and type S, R & B MI cables. These are made by ARi who has experience in this market since 1952. Just let us know your requirements and we will send you a matching offer within 2 working days.

Special non-destructive testing is available on in-process and finished thermocouple cable. Types of test available include Thermocouple Temperature Calibration, Radiography, Liquid Penetrant, Helium Leak, Dimensional, and Insulation Aeropak Cable ImageResistance. Okazaki and ARi standards are traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). AerOpak® can be supplied in long lengths and can be formed or bent to a radius equal to twice the sheath diameter without losing its integrity.

We have 500+ KM of M.I. cable in stock, so chances are we can help you find the cable you need or at least a close alternative.

Thermocouple cable

Available from 2 wires to 8 wires (4 thermocouples), we will probably have something in our 500+ KM stock that will suit your needs. 
Diameters vary between Ø0.5 mm to Ø12.7 mm. With a large range of thermocouples and sheath materials and thermocouples we will gladly help you find the MI cable you are looking for or a close alternative.

Conductor cable

RTD cable is made for usage in combination with either a thin film of a wire wound RTD. 
We have RTD cable available in stock from Ø1 to Ø8 in several sheath materials such as AISI 316, AISI 321 and Inconel 600.
The cables can contain up to 8 wires in the materials Cu, Ni or Aq (CuNi).
We have 2 wire constructions available from stock: normal-spaced and wide-spaced.

Our normal-spaced cables are made for RTDs in "normal" construction where an RTD is placed on top of the copper/nickel/constantan wires.

Our wide-spaced cables are specially made for our customers who prefer to work with RTDs in "Reverse" style and where the RTD is placed in between the wires.

All of our M.I. Cables are delivered with a 3.1 certificate and a calibration report for each coil.

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