Isabellenhütte,our partner for thermocouple wires & rods

Isabellenhütte is our main supplier of bare thermocouple wires. Based in Dillenburg (Germany), they have been melting metals since the middle ages. Isabellenhütte stands for quality and their slogan is "Innovation by Tradition".

The first mention of the "copper smelter on the Nanzenbach" was in 1482, in the late middle ages. In 1728, the company had already established silver, lead and copper foundries and name was changed to "Isabelle Kupterhütte". Isabellenhütte has been growing and developping ever since. Now, they are a member of the German Calibration Service and own several patents. 

Isabellenhütte also works closely with Okazaki to constantly improve the quality of the Thermocouples in Okazaki's M.I. cable. 

Isabellenhütte is ISO 9001 and ESA certified.