About 29 years ago, in the year that Steffi Graf and Stefan Edberg won Wimbledon, Mr. Kok was working in the Noble Metals Industry when he met Mr. Okazaki. It was 1988 and both men were interested in exploring the opportunities of selling Mineral Insulated cable in Europe. From basically a wooden shed in his backyard, Mr. Kok founded the company with a name that everyone could pronounce: Kamet.

Kamet started as a typical family business. From home, Mr. Kok worked together with his family to pack and ship the cables. Business was going well and soon Mr. Kok was visiting customers all over Europe. After a few years the first employees were hired and a small attic was found that was used as an office.

It was 2005 when Mr. Hans Beekman just moved back to the Netherlands after living in the Middle East for many years. Upon coming back to his home country, Mr. Beekman decided it was finally time to follow his long-term dream of having his own company. Kamet Trading was for sale and this was exactly the company he was looking for; an international B2B company with lots of potential.

Mr. Beekman and Mr. Kok soon reached a business agreement after they first met. By 2008, the company would be wholly owned by Mr. Beekman. In the transitional period between 2005 and 2008, the attic already became too small for Kamet and business was moved to business park “Kerkelanden”.

In the years that followed, Kamet expanded its network and proudly added several leading producers of thermo components to its supplier list such as Heraeus Sensor Technology, Isabellenhütte and RTD Products.

By 2012, Kamet personnel had more than doubled compared to 2005. Now 11 people were working at Kamet. The Heater Cable & Heater elements AerOrod were introduced and the ISO 9001 certification was obtained. Furthermore, Kamet received the representation for Tyco Mineral Insulated cable in Europe.

In 2013 Kamet celebrated its 25th anniversary. All employees learned how to fly in a 25-year old Cessna and some even tried Skydiving.

Fall 2015, it became clear that Kamet had outgrown the premises on the Franciscusweg in Hilversum. After hiring 3 new colleagues in a short period of time, we simply ran out of space. At the end of 2015 Kamet moved to the Tenneseedreef in the city of Utrecht, the Netherlands. Here, there is more space for Kamet to grow, and to customize our service to our clients.