Heater elements for high temperature heating

Kamet supplies custom-made and standard heater elements with simple and double conductors for different heater applications, made by ARi Industries in the United States. Based on your preference, we can offer heaters with one conductor (our XBA) or two conductors (our BXX). Whether you need one heater in Europe, or if you would like to send one to Mars, we will help you find your heater solution.

Stock list one conductor heater elements (XBA)

The XBA heater elements are heater elements with one conductor. They have one heated length and cold lengths and are used to realize heater applications in different environments.


Stock Kamet       Shipment on day of order
Custom-made option           E-mail or call us for more information.


Outer diameter  +/- 0.05mm
Bending radius  2-3x outer diameter of the heat conductor
Length tolerance hot part +/- 10%
Resistance +/- 10%
Insulation material MgO

Specifications XBA

Wire  NiCr80/20 or same value
Insulation material  MgO
Sheath material Inconel 600, max. 1000°C


Stock list 2-conductor heater elements (BXX)

The BXX heater elements are similar to XBA heater elements, but with two conductors. This allows the power connections to be located at one side of the heater making it easier to connect our heaters and saving time.BXX heater



Stock Kamet Shipment on day of order
Custom-made option E-mail or call Kamet for more information
Heater blank option Delivery time 2 weeks



Outer diameter +/- 0.13 mm
Bending radius 2.0x outer diameter of the heat conductor
Resistance  +/- 10%
Insulation material MgO


Stock blank heaters

With this option the customer can choose the same BXX cables with the same sheath material and diameter. The difference with the stock blanks is, it can be turned into a wide variety of possibilities of hot and cold lengths.

Information heater elements


XBA heaters are similar to the BXX heaters, except that the XBA are a single wire Cold/Hot/Cold design. Because the heated section is captive between the cold sections, it does not allow for any shortening of the heated section. The cold ends can be trimmed shorter if needed. The cold ends are based on the BXX ultra cold end design, so hot to cold ratios are about 30:1. The efficiency of hot to cold sections is excellent.  XBA designs are not Bifilar wound and currently our supplier cannot offer that feature.  XBA heaters also have only 1 internal heater wire, and as such the wire surface watt density runs at least double what a comparable BXX heater has for internal watt density on the wire surface. Due to the single wire design of the XBA heaters, this heater element have more insulation thickness then the same diameter of the BXX heater. 


BXX heaters are the oldest design of 2 wire heaters that have heated sections and cold sections.The 2 wire design allows the power connections to be located at one side of the heater where the cold section gets connected into the potting adapter. The potting adapter is where the wires from the heater switch over to the power lead wires that allow connections to the end users power source. These heaters have an internal splice between the heated section and the cold section. The outer metal sheath is typically Inconel 600 on the stock heaters. Our supplier is able to make the sheath out of other materials to make custom heaters. The hot to cold ratio is 10:1 (as long as the cold section does not get heated up).

Example:  60 Watts/cm2 of heat on the heated section would mean approximately 6 watts/cm2 on the cold section.

Some BXX heaters with the BVX code were designed for Vacuum heating applications. They have a ratio of about 30:1 on hot to cold section heat generation.

Example:  Heated section is 60 Watts/cm2  inch of heated surface area. Cold section would be 2 watts/cm2 of cold surface area.

The BXX for the vacuum heating applications are much more efficient in keeping the heat in the heated section  than the normal BXX heater blanks. ARi Industries developed them to keep the cold sections colder for vacuum systems. 

We currently only stock BXX heaters with the BVX code in the following diameters:

1.5mm   2.3mm    3.3mm

The BXX heater with the BVX code have a transition area between the ultra-cold ends and the heated section (typically about 10 cm) where they run about 10:1 ratio on the hot to cold sections. The transitional section becomes a buffer between the heated section and the ultra-cold ends of the BVX designed cold end. BVX heaters incorporate all of the standard features of the BXX.