High quality connectors for a competitive price

Connectors are an essential part of many temperature sensors: they connect the extension cable to the signal that comes from inside the process. For every application there is a suitable connector and for every connector there are suitable accessories. So, many options. Below you can find our standard types, delivery time is about 1 week. If you need something more special or a faster delivery time: we are at your service.

We are proud to work with our supplier from the Netherlands. They stand for high quality and fast service, just like us. Together we help our customers get the highest quality connector, against the best price and the fastest delivery. 
We have a weekly shipment from our supplier which means we have a fresh supply of connectors coming in every week. And since we order quite a lot, this means no minimum order quantities for our customers. When the connectors are included in the weekly shipment we offer a free-house delivery.

Product code

The product code of our supplier is quite simple: every letter stands for a word. Below you will find some examples:











Type K

Color code IEC












Type N

Color code IEC



Of course, all connectors are available for thermocouple and RTD cirquits.

Standard connectors and miniature connectors

These high quality connectors will make sure your signal comes through without a glitch. They are robust and made with solid pins made from thermocouple material. Once they lock, they won't let go until you want them to.
The standard connectors can be used with cables up to Ø8.0 mm and wires up to Ø1.6 mm.
The miniature connectors can be used with cables up to Ø4.5 mm and a wire diameter up to Ø0.6 mm.

Below you can find the specifications for both types of connectors (standard and miniature):

  • Glass filled thermoplastic body
  • Thermocouple material pins
  • Both pins are polarized
  • Stainless steel screws
  • Molded barriers prevent short circuit
  • Easy wire connection thanks to sandwich construction
  • Can be used up to 200°C
  • Available in all color codes


Economy connectors

Sometimes the customer needs a more economical solution. Fortunately, we can also offer economy connectors for the normal and miniature connectors. These economy connectors are especially made for the less frequently used connectors.
Just add an "E" to the product number- make sure you do it in the right place! Example: CSPE-KI (Connector Standard Plug Economy- Type K IEC color Code)

These Economy connectors have the following specifications:

  • Glass filled Nylon body
  • Thermocouple material hollow pins
  • Both pins are polarized
  • Zinc-plated steel screw


Note: not all accessories for the standard plugs fit, please ask our sales team should you need any assistance in this matter.  

High temperature connectors

Sometimes 200°C is simply not hot enough. Therefore our supplier has designed several high temperature connector options. These connectors are all also available as a miniature connector and can be combined with most accessories. 

High temperature connector
These brown connectors are made with thermoset material that have a temperature rating up to 350 °C maximum. The calibration type is printed on the body. Most other specifications are the same as the standard connector.

Ultra high temperature connector
These red/brown connectors are covered by a stainless steel brackets for more demanding environments. The calibration type is stamped on the top bracket. The maximum temperatures for these connectors are 425 °C continuous and 540 °C intermittent.

Ceramic connector
These are made especially for your higher temperature applications. The white ceramic connectors are made of high purity alumina, which allows a maximum temperature of 650 °C. The white connector will have a colored dot on the top of the connector to indicate the calibration type. 

Other connectors

Our supplier offers many other types of connectors to meet all the demands of your applications.
Examples include:

  • Duplex connectors
  • Locking connectors for an extra firm connection
  • Three-pin thermocouple connectors
  • Standard multiple plugs
  • Standard multiple jacks



No connector is complete without a crimp insert. These heroes protect your cable from excessive bending, breaking and slight pulling. They are brazed or crimped on the MI cable/ extension cable and then put into the entrance hole of the connector. The connector is then closed with the insert safely fixed. The crimp inserts can be delivered in brass (soldering and crimping) or in stainless steel (brazing and crimping) depending on the application.

Of course, this is just a fraction of what we have to offer, other items include:

  • Grommet
  • Bending protection
  • Protection boot
  • Wire insert
  • Locking clip
  • Wire clamp bracket
  • Crimp adaptor
  • Tube adaptor 

Other products

  • In addition to the connectors and accessories, we also offer a large range of stainless steel and aluminium panels, horizontal and vertical
  • Of course we can also offer the panel inserts to go with the panels
  • M8 and M12 connectors are part of our product range
  • We offer PCB connectors for flat, rear and side mounting, even in high temperatures


Should you have any further questions or enquiries, feel free to contact our sales team.