Connection heads

Limatherm Components is our main supplier for connection heads, they supply many different connection heads and terminal blocks for competitive prices. Most heads are produced in Poland. Below you can find a short explanation of the connection heads. For the full product range, the Limatherm code and an explanation of the connection heads, please visit the website of our partner Limatherm Components.

Types of heads

There are different kinds of heads, the three main types are: A, B and M-type. 
The main difference between an A type and a B type is the distance between the screws for mounting to a terminal block. 
For the B- type this is always 33 mm, and for the A type most of the time this is 46 mm. Other sizes are possible, with a minimum of 40 mm. However, nowadays, Limatherm also adds the holes for the 33 mm in the heads for your convenience.

Type A heads
These are used when you have to connect the connection head to tubes equal or bigger than 15 mm. This type of heads is used when you make temperature sensors with bare wire, ceramic rods and protection tubes. Since an A-type connection head is used with a bare-tc sensor, you do not need a disk to weld or crimp. The protectiuon tube is fixed to the connection head by screws in the neck of the connection head. You will only need a small insulation disk (gasket) between the connection head and the termibal block to prevent the terminal block from breaking when bumping into the connection head. 

Type B heads
These are usually used when you have to connect the connection head to tubes with a diameter of 15 mm or smaller. They are normally used when you have to make a sensor with mineral insulated cable.  In order to connect the cable correctly with the connection head, you need to use a disk with a gasket. This is mounted to the terminal block, to weld or to crimp your measuring insert to. This prevents the measuring insert from moving separately from the terminal block and therefore prevents any breaking of the wires which are connected to the terminal block. 

Eex connection heads
Limatherm has a large range of stainless steel Explosion Proof connection heads with many different possibilities for certification such as ATEX, IECEx & FM. 

Of course, this is just a fraction of what Limatherm can offer, p
lease contact our sales team for more information, enquiries or any questions you might have.