Concept Alloys manufactures our type C and type D wires

Concept Alloys was founded in 2002 on 95 years of technical experience. Their extensive technical knowledge ensures the highest quality products.

Our Tungsten-Rhenium wires (type C and type D) are produced by Concept Alloys in Michigan, USA. The company was formed by former staff of Hoskins who purchased all rights to manufacture and license the Hoskins products. Their main specialization is in Tungsten-Rhenium wires for high temperatures and extreme applications with high-precision. Thanks to our working relationship and their large stock, we can deliver most items to you within one week. With their expertise and knowledge, they are able to supply the highest quality type C and type D wire. Concept Alloys also works closely with ARi, so when you buy high temperature sensors from us, you know where the type C & D wires come from.