At Kamet we take our social responsibility seriously. We have the opportunity to help people who are in a less fortunate position. As such, we support different local charities in The Netherlands, but also small scale development projects in development countries. Kamet takes an interest in small scale projects in order to be able to directly contribute to the results and to make sure that our contribution is well spent.

May 2016

On May 21st, a girls football tournament was held in honour of the Robert Mars who passed at the age of 10 after a brave battle against cancer. Kamet amongst many others, sponsored the girls of ME1, from sports club Aurora. The girls reached the fourth place and a total of €25,000 was raised that day for Kika, the Dutch foundation against childhood cancer.

Team ME1 Aurora

Kika logo



After the passing of one of our colleagues we became a sponsor of the Dutch Cancer Society (KWF kanker bestrijding).
We donate monthly and we trust our contribution will help the discovery of new medicines and new preventive measures.

Business friend KWF



In 2015 Kamet sponsored an initiative from our colleague Michael. It was a fundraising for a Children’s Hospital in Amsterdam (Wilhelmina Kinderziekenhuis). Thanks to our contribution, Radio Calimero Nijkerk was able to organize several activities to raise money for the construction of a new Sports Centre and raise awareness for the hospital in general.


In 2013 we donated a roof to the Aston Vison orphanage in Arusha, Tanzania. The orphanage also functions as a school and the owner, Aston, did not have enough money to pay for a roof. Now, with the new roof, they can divide the 40 children in the orphanage over two classrooms instead of one. 

-Roof on Aston Vision Orphanage Tanzania