ARi Industries, for all high temperature solutions

ARi Industries Inc. in Addison Illinois is a subsidiary of Okazaki. Because of their expertise, they are our main partner for high temperature thermocouples, heater blanks and special MI Cables

ARi was established in 1952 as Aero Research Instruments. They were one of the first companies to perfect the production of M.I. cable. One of their most important trade marks is the usage of high purity MgO which they use in all of their M.I. cable. Furthermore, due to their many years of experience, all products in their standard product range are supplied according to ASTM E-230 limits of error.

One of ARi's specialzations is the high temperature thermocouples. They are used in applications were standard thermocouples would fail due to excess heat or severe environments. For more information: take a look at our High Temperature Thermocouple page.

ARi took place in the NASA mission in sending the robot Curiosity to Mars. The heaters used in the robot are actually produced by ARi. 

ARi is ISO 9001 certified.


Curiosity poster ARi