AerOseal for an air-tight closure of your cable

AerOseal® is a specially formulated liquid that prevents penetration of moisture into ceramic insulators.

It is effective on magnesium oxide, aluminum oxide and similar materials used in thermocouples, metal sheathed conductors, electrical heating elements and ceramic electronic components.
Through diffusion, AerOseal® forms a positive moisture barrier, yet permits the coated part to “breathe”.
AerOseal® is a clear, colorless, inorganic liquid of a proprietary, patented composition. It is non-toxic and contains no boron or equivalent nuclear poisons and essentially harmless.

When applied properly, the seal is effective over a temperature range of -240°C to + 420°C (-400°F to 788°F). It can withstand thermal shock from +420°C to -185°C (+788°C to -300°F) in 2 seconds.
Exposure to temperatures above +420°C will cause the seal to deteriorate without affecting insulation resistance properties.

The shelf life or AerOseal® is indefinite if cap is kept securely closed while not in use.

Directions for use:
1) Heat part to be sealed at 50 ~ 80°C (max 200°C) to improve the soaking process
2) Immerse immediately in AerOseal® (approx. 3 ~ 5 cm) for at least 2 minutes
3) Heat at 170 – 260°C for 1 to 3 hours
(It is recommended that normal Volatile fume precautions betaken when performing step 3. A well ventilated air circulating oven, preferably of the forced draft type should be used)

  • Packed in bottles of each 0,88 liters
  • US Pat. No 3.032.444


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